The ECHA Network committee consists of committed members who jointly monitor the association's functioning and play an active role in the various activities that the association develops.

  • Ragnild Zonneveld (chair)
  • Simone Keijsers (Secretary and Vice-Chair)
  • Els Hegemans (Treasurer)
  • Rianne van de Ven (Peer coaching)
  • Martin Timmer (PR)
Ragnild Zonneveld - Voorzitter ECHA Netwerk


Ragnild Zonneveld completed the ECHA training in 2016. She works at Cedin Zorg en Onderwijs as an educational advisor, specialising in giftedness in young children. She also has her own company for early identification and guidance: Vroegwijs.

Ragnild has many years of management experience in various volunteer positions. She has been a committee member of the ECHA network since January 2017 and has become chair of the committee since 2018. Her areas of focus are liaising with external contacts (including RCSW, CBO and ECHA Europe) and the future of our network.

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Henny van Hal - Secretaris ECHA netwerk


Simone Keijsers completed the ECHA training in 2018. She works at Leiden University as a Trainer/Coach for students and colleagues. In addition, she has her own Training and Coaching company. She is also co-founder of the National Network for Giftedness in Higher Education.

Simone has been a committee member of the ECHA since January 2019 and is both Secretary and Vice-Chair.

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Els Hegemans Penningmeester ECHA netwerk


Els Hegemans completed the ECHA training in 2005 and has been involved in the ECHA network from the very beginning.

After 23 years in Primary Education/Special Primary Education, she transferred to Samenwerkingsverband Rijnstreek (regional collaboration for inclusive education) in 2004, where she has been teaching 4 'plus classes’ (inter-school gifted education classes) since 2006. She is also a valuable source of knowledge and information for the various schools regarding policy, individual approach, and more. Els had her own practice for about ten years, Slim Aangepakt, and still does the occasional 'project’ for friends and acquaintances. Besides being treasurer, she also manages the membership administration.

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Els Hegemans Penningmeester ECHA netwerk


After graduating in German language and literature as well as language education, Martin Timmer specialised in coaching gifted adolescents and young adults. Martin works as an ECHA specialist at Voorsprong in Talent in Achterveld and works as a gifted education coordinator at a secondary school in Nijkerk.

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