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ECHA Netwerk

National Association for Specialists in Gifted Education

ECHA Specialists in Gifted Education advise, guide and coach gifted students, their parents and schools, as well as gifted adults. They do so both inside and outside the educational environment. This website provides information about the ECHA Specialists who have joined the association, their expertise and where they work.

ECHA training

ECHA members have completed the internationally recognised European Council for High Ability (ECHA) training. This European organisation cooperates based on science, educational practice and politics to improve the education of talented and gifted students. In the Netherlands, this training is provided by Radboud University in Nijmegen.

Talent development

The ECHA network is all about combining expertise, reinforcing one another and creating opportunities together. The Association of ECHA Specialists in Gifted Education has a clear mission and vision. We aim to increase the potential added value of gifted people and make a substantial contribution to the development of gifted children and adults so that they can really do justice to their talents.

Continuous professionalisation

Twice a year, the ECHA network organises a peer-consultation day offering workshops on new research, the opportunity to consult with peers and a presentation by a keynote speaker from the field. This enables us to keep our knowledge up to date.


Where possible, we cooperate at both the national and international level with other associations, organisations and bodies.

All our members are also members of the European ECHA association.

Want to join?

Read more about how you can sign up and register as a specialist with the Association of ECHA Specialists in Gifted Education.

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